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The music video opens with two FBI detectives (played by Eric Roberts and Clarence Williams III) on the hunt for two diamond thieves (Ja Rule and Charli). It then cuts to Ja Rule and Charli ready to steal a diamond in a mansion at night (with Ja Rule rapping outside a car in-between scenes). They successfully found the diamonds hidden in the portrait. The owners, an actual married couple, were awakened by the alarm knowing that the hidden diamonds were stolen. The husband then pressed the alert button, calling the police. Ja Rule was able to escape, while his partner, Charli was arrested by the police. The scene then cuts to Charli’s interrogation where the elder detective furiously asks the whereabouts of Ja Rule while another detective reveals the crime scene as well as Charli being the one who pulled the crime with Ja assisting her. He then asks where Ja is, along with the elder detective asking in a more furious manner. Charli replies that she doesn’t know what they’re talking about. In the next verse, Charli, still in the interrogation room raps in front of the two detectives which then shifts to her in prison. Charli, then makes a phone call to Ja Rule, who is at his own home and replies to her by rapping and singing the next verse. Charli is then released from prison and rides a limo to the airport where she meets Ja Rule in an airplane. It then shifts to the two celebrating Charli’s release from prison in a beach. The two were then spotted by the detectives (via binoculars) in the same beach, who were also in vacation. The music video ends with the detectives laughing, complimenting and telling each other that “you are the man” with the white detective saying “I love my job” just as they are about to approach Ja and Charli as the music video for Down 4 U starts.


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