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Crazy right the will no longer be east vs west when it come to the NBA All Star game next year, the NBA believes that the interest in the game has fell off completely and I agree with them %100. I don’t even think i watch 1 min of the All Star game last year, the came isn’t fun anymore it’s not competitive at all, last years score should tell you that 192-182 and the MVP of the game was Anthony Davis, who scored 52 points. This year the build up to the game should be really good the game it self I don’t think so. This year the two biggest vote getters  will be team captains and they will pick their team from a pool of 22 players, I personally think that will be the best part of the entire game, the draft. Due to the fact anybody can end up on anybody’s team, and tell you the truth they probably looked at the West and was like HHHHHEEEELLLLLLLLLL No!! So that means you could have a starting 5 that consist of players from the east and the west!!




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