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Now I don’t believe it will make as much money or have as much crossover appeal as the Mayweather vs Mcgregor  fight but some fighting experts are call the triple G vs Canelo fight the “Fight Of The Decade”!! TMZ caught up with Sylvester Stallone and asked him what he thought about the upcoming fight and without batting an eye Rocky lets them know that the REAL fight will take place this weekend on Sat. 16th. What i really want to ask Sly is when is the next Rambo,Rocky or Expendables 4 coming out, it’s funny how people actually ask him (Sly) about boxing when he never actually boxed a day in his life. IT WAS A MOVIE PEOPLE!! A real good movie but a MOVIE! Rocky would’ve gotten his a$$ kicked in the ring!! He would’ve never beat Mr T.  lol check out what he had to say to TMZ 


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