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OK SO I GOT THIS NEW THING I’M DOING WHERE I WATCH ALL THE NEW MOVIES THAT COME OUT FROM THE COMFORT OF MY HOME #FIRESTICKCITY AND LET YOU KNOW WEATHER YOU SHOULD GO SEE THEM OR NOT. This week’s movie is one i didn’t think would last past the sequel due to the fact that the sequel was just like the first installment . What movie am i talking about you ask, I’m talking about Jeepers Creepers. The 1st installment was good and if you ask me that’s where it should’ve ended but nooooooooooooo they had to make one more……..we thought because now here’s Jeepers Creepers 3, trust me this movie is just like the others, no surprises and it’s the same storyline. Ill give this movie 1 1/2 Citynewwss out of 5 

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