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First it was Tupac’s Bimmer and this time it’s Biggie‘s truck.

The GMC Suburban that The Notorious B.I.G. was fatally shot in after attending a VIBE party in 1997 is up for sale. The price tag that memorabilia site Moments In Time has listed for the SUV is $1.5 million, the same price that the BMW Tupac was fatally shot in is going for.

According to TMZ, the current owners of the Suburban didn’t know they were in possession of one of the greatest artifacts in hip-hop history. They bought it from a broker the same year of Biggie’s passing because they needed a larger car for their family of six. They were informed of its significance in 2005 when investigators were working on the wrongful death trial. The owner inquired about selling the Suburban, which has 114,000 miles on it, upon hearing that the vehicle ‘Pac was shot in was up for auction.

Talk About It:

  • It’s celebrity memorabilia and a crime scene all in one.
  • If you’re gonna spend a million bucks on a celebrity whip, Master P’s gold tank would be a better investment.
  • You have to be a pretty big fan — and rich — to spend that much money on a collectible.
Don Juan Fasho

Source: Radio One / Radio One

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